Wiltshire’s essential BBQ tools this summer

by James Wilkinson

Australian kitchenware brand Wiltshire has all the tools to make sure you’re all set for a barbecue this summer.

Wiltshire has the essentials for the Backyard BBQ-er to grill to perfection with their range or tools to flip, slice and pierce as well as grease removing cleaning solutions for safe and easy clean up.

Some of the key products include:

Wiltshire Bar-B Mate

Wiltshire’s original Bar-B Mate is a burger-flipping, sausage-piercing, chop-cutting, self-standing, non-rusting spatula. This multi-purpose BBQ tool has a cutting edge and piecing prongs to get those sausages grilled to perfection.

Wiltshire Bar B Digital Thermometer

Say goodbye to under or over cooked meat. The Bar-B digital thermometer instantly reads temperatures when turned, with a foldable compact design.

Wiltshire Bar-B-Clean BBQ Wipes

Super quick and convenient the Bar-B Clean wipes bring back the sparkle without serious elbow grease, with small, raised nodules to cut through grease without scratching.