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Wayfarer is the world’s newest online resource for executive travellers and showcases the latest news for frequent flyers alongside reviews, tips, hot lists and essential guides to some of the world’s leading destinations.

Wayfarer is also being produced as a regular TV series – broadcast on Sky News Australia from January 30, 2018 and right here at wayfarer.travel – and will feature the world’s best hotels, bars, restaurants, destinations and much more on a weekly basis.


Leading the Wayfarer team is award-winning journalist James Wilkinson, who has been writing about and commenting on travel for the past 20 years who serves as the Editor-In-Chief of Wayfarer and the Host of the Wayfarer TV series.

For the last 17 years, James, a former winner of the Australian Travel Writer of the Year award, has been the Editor-In-Chief of the Asia-Pacific region’s highly respected hotel industry magazine, Hotel & Accommodation Management (HM), and its online products.

He is also the Travel Editor for Time Out Australia and Managing Editor of SPICE magazine and SpiceNews. James also serves as the content chair for the Australasian Hotel Industry Conference (AHICE) and chief judge of the HM Awards. Since late-2012, James has also been a regular guest (appearing on over 100 episodes) on the Sky News Business Channel television show ‘Business Class’, where he commentates on trends in business travel, primarily aviation, hotels and destinations.

James can be contacted on: jwilkinson@intermedia.com.au

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