West Hollywood Edition’s star-studded installation

by James Wilkinson

Having launched in November 2019, The West Hollywood EDITION, under the Creative Direction of legendary entrepreneur and hotelier Ian Schrager, has commissioned Willo Perron to create its festive installation, Bauhaus Nutcrackers.

Perron, renowned for creating the visual language for his clients who include the likes of Kanye West, Alexander Wang and Rihanna, uses the hotel’s entrance, designed by John Pawson, as a canvas for the installation.

Bauhaus Nutcrackers displays a series of three imposing slowly spinning illuminated ornamental sculptures, at seven, 17 and 27 feet tall, which live behind the three storey Western Red Cedar-slatted approach to the hotel’s lobby.

Reflecting the enchanted wonders of the holiday season, the installation is made from sheer tensile fabric stretched over a wire structure.

The unique sculptures are inspired by the primary forms from the Bauhaus, especially the playful ballet costumes created by Oskar Schlemmer; the glowing atmospheric lighting of Isamu Noguchi’s Akari series; the delicate handcraft of Ruth Asawa’s sculptures and the pleated volumes of Issey Miyake’s clothing.

“The three light sculptures that occupy the entrance vestibule were conceived as oversized volumes to complement the grandiose scale of the hotel itself,” Perron said.

“Each of the totem-like, kinetic light sculptures are abstracted shapes borrowed from classic holiday motifs and present a play of materiality by appearing at once translucent and opaque, heavy and yet floating.”

Bauhaus Nutcrackers will be on display until December 29th, 2019.