Wayfarer TV: American’s stylish new uniforms

by James Wilkinson

After more than three years of collaboration with frontline team members and union representatives, today, more than 50,000 American Airlines team members debut a new uniform collection manufactured by Lands’ End.

“When we set out to create our new uniform collection, the clear goal was to deliver an industry-leading program with the highest levels of safety, input and choice,” said American’s Managing Director of Flight Service Base Operations, Brady Byrnes.

“Today’s launch is the culmination of years’ worth of input from team members, wear testing in the operation and the highest levels of garment certification.

“None of this would be possible without the partnership of our union representatives, and, most importantly, the thousands of team members who provided input and feedback along the way.

“This isn’t just a uniform for our team members, it’s one that was created by them, and we are excited to turn the page,” Byrnes said.

To deliver this industry-leading program American’s union representatives selected Lands’ End to supply the new collection.

Through this partnership with Lands’ End, American has delivered a refreshed collection with new suiting color, Aviation Blue, and shirting and accessories that are unique to each workgroup.