Wayfarer review: Antler’s Stamford luggage is the perfect travel companion

by James Wilkinson

When it comes to check-in luggage, Antler’s Stamford range is the perfect travel companion for short and long trips.

Stamford, available in three sizes, fuses Antler’s timeless British design with modern Japanese innovation.

Hinomoto’s 360-degree rotating wheels offer enhanced control and a muted tread, thanks to their bespoke Lisof tyre fabric, developed with Mitsubishi.

In-built functionality keeps these wheels well-greased for longer, lengthening your luggage’s lifespan.

Stamford’s robust yet lightweight polycarbonate shell has a smooth, matt surface, making scratches less visible.

A removable packing divider with a pocket sits under compression packing straps to help prevent creasing and keep clothes flat, whilst an expander zip on each case adds 5cm space.

There’s a TSA-approved combination lock to keeps treasures safe, while the Stamford cases come also with a dust bag, and each size nests inside the next one up for easy storage.

Our pick of the Stamford bags are the medium (AU$379) and large (AU$429) and they are available now from Antler’s website.