Wayfarer encore on Sky News Australia: S01 E02 New York City

by James Wilkinson

Wayfarer, the world’s newest executive travel TV show, has returned to Sky News Australia’s Business Channel for an encore season, with the second episode featuring New York City.

Hosted by award-winning travel editor James Wilkinson, Wayfarer is being broadcast in HD on Foxtel channel 290 and in SD on channel 602 on a weekly basis.

On the second episode, Wilkinson is in New York and takes viewers on a helicopter tour over Manhattan with Heli NY, to the Top of the Rock, inside the penthouse of The Quin hotel, on a pizza tour of the West Village with travel expert Lee Abbamonte, on the High Line, inside the Whitney Museum, to the Walker Hotel and Conrad New York Downtown and much more.

Here is Series 01 Episode 02 New York City:


Destinations in series one include London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, Singapore, Honolulu and Maui and on each episode, Wayfarer uncovers the best hotels, bars, restaurants, galleries and much more.

The episode line-up includes:
-London (part one)
-New York City
-Los Angeles
-London (part two)

The episodes will be broadcast on Sky News Business Channel at the following times on channel 290 or 602 on Foxtel:
-Wednesdays at 07:30pm AEST (episode premiere)
-Wednesdays at 10:30pm AEST (episode encore)
-Thursdays at 12:30am AEST (episode encore)
-Thursdays at 03:00am AEST (episode encore)
-Sundays at 2:30pm AEST (episode encore)
-Sundays at 11:00pm AEST (episode encore)

Episodes will also be broadcast right here on Wayfarer.travel on a weekly basis as well.

Wilkinson also hosts executive travel news TV show ‘Business Class’ on Sky News Australia Business Channel every Tuesday night at 7:30pm AEST.