Volvo Car Australia’s record 2023 result

by James Wilkinson

Volvo Car Australia ended 2023 on an historic high after delivering another record sales result that has propelled the Swedish carmaker into the history books.

National sales data released in January by VFACTs show Volvo sold 11,128 cars in 2023, notching up yet another year-on-year growth.

Cracking the 11,000-plus milestone in 2023 follows last year’s record-breaking 10,715 sales milestone.

Volvo has achieved successive sales records for the last six out of seven years and the 11,000-plus milestone was driven by another strong performance in December, with 927 sales.

For the second successive year Volvo’s multi award-winning XC40 clinched the No.1 spot in the small luxury SUV segment, with 5,837 sales.

Volvo Car Australia Managing Director, Stephen Connor, said the historic sales results reinforced the ongoing strength of the Volvo brand in Australia, and Volvo’s commitment to being a fully electric car company.

“When I joined Volvo in 2017, we sold 4,682 cars in 12 months, all of which were equipped with internal combustion engines,” he said. “In seven years, we have increased our volume by more than 125% to 11,128 cars.

“In 2019 we made the bold decision to delete diesel variants from our local model line-up as we embraced the vision of our strategy of ultimately being an all-electric car company. We forge ahead our way.

“Along the way we have also increased the sales of our Pure Electric cars to 3,949 in 2023, which is 35% of our total volume, led by the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and the C40 Recharge Pure Electric.

“Globally, Volvo Cars is firmly committed to becoming an electric-only carmaker by 2030. One of my first actions as the Managing Director, I announced that Volvo Car Australia will make the transition to full all-electric even earlier. Our planning sees us achieving this by 2026.

“We know Australian consumers are early adopters of new technologies, and they are embracing fully electric cars in increasing numbers as part of a practical response to combatting climate change. We believe this momentum will increase in the years ahead.

“By 2025 nearly 80 per cent of Volvo’s Australian sales will comprise of fully electric models. There is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine. So, instead of investing in a shrinking business, we choose to invest in the future, which is fully electric.”

At the end of Q1 2024 Volvo will deliver its smallest ever electric SUV, the new Volvo EX30, which boasts the small carbon footprint of any Volvo produced to date.