Uniden’s latest jump start kit is a must-have for your next road trip

by James Wilkinson

Next time you embark on a road trip, make sure the Uniden UPP1000 jump start kit, which combining portable power and roadside assistance, comes along for the journey.

Powerful enough for four-wheel drive petrol and diesel vehicles, the UPP1000 (priced from AU$199.95) has a large start current (500A) and peak current (1000A), jump starting petrol engines up to seven litres and diesel engines up to five litres, multiple times on one charge.

It also includes smart clamp protection ensuring the vehicle’s battery doesn’t overload when charging. It’s also easy to keep kids entertained while getting from A to B by using the jump start kit as a portable powerbank to charge smartphones, tablets and other USB electronic devices when there’s no access to mains power.

The kit is also waterproof with an IP67 rating, allowing users to charge vehicles safely in wet conditions if needed, and includes a powerful LED flashlight to help navigate when visibility is poor or to attract attention on the roadside.