Sustainable star: Volvo launches the EX30, an all-new 100% electric SUV, in Australia

by James Wilkinson

Volvo has launched the new EX30, its smallest ever electric SUV which boasts the smallest carbon footprint of any Volvo produced to date.

EX30 combines the best elements of Volvo’s distinctive Scandinavian ‘living room’ design with industry leading safety features, and the latest Apple CarPlay and voice-activated Google functionalities as standard.

In keeping with Volvo’s commitment to produce electric only cars by 2030, EX30 is 100% electric. The smooth, powerful electric powertrain of the Volvo EX30 is at the heart of the driving experience.

A high-voltage 400V lithium-ion battery makes the Volvo EX30 optimised for range, comfort, safety, and versatility. Three locally available variants will carry the 69kWh battery option.

The single motor Extended range has 200kW of power and 343Nm of torque whereas the twin motor Performance with electric motors both on front and the rear having a maximum output of 315kW of power and 543Nm of torque.

The single motor variant has an estimated range of up to 480 kilometres with twin motor being up to 460 kilometres of range.

Depending on the DC peak charging power, both the Single Motor Extended Range and the Twin Motor Performance variants are capable of charging from 10% to 80% in approximately thirty minutes.

“We are proud to introduce the EX30 to Australia which embodies Volvo’s distinctive Scandinavian design values, advanced safety, legendary comfort and cutting-edge tech in a smaller format,” said Volvo Car Australia Managing Director, Stephen Connor.

“With the EX30 we enter a new, growing segment – the small, fully electric luxury SUV. The EX30 offers a strong value proposition to a new audience in the Australian car market which is increasingly embracing EVs.

“The EX30 will further drive our accelerated Australian strategy of being an all-electric car company by 2026,” he said.

As the most sustainable Volvo model ever produced, the leather-free interior of EX30 incorporates recycled and renewable materials such as flax, wool and denim upholstery created from the waste fibres of the denim recycling process.

As the most sustainable Volvo model ever produced, the leather-free interior of EX30 incorporates recycled and renewable materials such as flax, wool and denim upholstery created from the waste fibres of the denim recycling process.

These new materials add creative textures, colour and personality to the generous cabin which features a minimalist dashboard equipped with a 12.3-inch tablet screen in the centre.

Five distinctive exterior colours make it easy to create a personal Volvo EX30. Contrasting Onyx Black metallic roof perfectly matches the high-gloss black exterior details and adds extra character to the car’s contemporary looks.

A new Moss Yellow exterior colour is unique for the EX30 and really makes the car stand out from the crowd. Other colours in the range are Cloud Blue, Vapour Grey, Crystal White, and Onyx Black.

Volvo’s distinctive ‘Thor’s Hammer’ signature headlight has been updated in EX30 with the addition of a segmented design, extra width, and a narrower look.

The rear lamp design has also been updated, with two sections in flush with the car body, which helps make the car conspicuous in all light conditions while further enhancing the Volvo EX30’s stylish and contemporary look.

A large fixed panoramic glass roof provides a spacious and airy feel inside the car for everyone to enjoy, whether they are seated at the front or at the rear.

Volvo EX30 introduces the soundbar speaker concept as standard. The soundbar elegantly integrates tweeters, mid-range speakers and a woofer outlet in a stylish audio unit covering the full width of the dashboard in front of the occupants.

Bringing home audio design into the car, the soundbar makes sound more driver focused than ever and is an important part of the car’s modern interior design impression. This speaker concept also frees up valuable space in the doors while reducing weight and material resources.

EX30 features a new 12.3-inch modern tablet display with Google built-in apps and services that are as intuitive to use as a smartphone.

Wireless Apple CarPlay gives convenient in-car access to favourite iPhone apps to navigate, make calls, receive, and answer messages and enjoy music. EX30 is always updated with the latest software and systems via Over The Air updates.

Volvo is famous for the safety and comfort of its car seats. Volvo EX30 seats are designed to fulfill the same comfort, ergonomic and safety requirements in larger cars.

The seat’s ergonomic design comfortably supports the body from the shoulders to the thighs to provide relaxing comfort also on long trips.

Integrated front seats head rests enhance the sporty character of the EX30. The front seat backsides are upholstered in the same material as the seats and the slim backside design contributes to the increased legroom for the rear passengers.

A comfortable cabin climate with clean air is an essential part of well-being inside the EX30.That’s why an efficient cabin filter comes standard, and an available two-zone climate system can actively help keep hazardous gases outside the cabin.

The cabin air can be monitored via the Volvo EX30 app and can be even cleaned before entering the cabin.

The Volvo EX30 is packed with small touches which aim to make life easier for all its occupants.

There is a convenient multi-storage area at the floor, and a sliding unit in the tunnel console between the front seats that serves as a cupholder as well as a storage box. And with the introduction of the soundbar, the door pockets can be fully utilised for storage.

EX30 will come with digital key functionality which uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to give the driver full access to the vehicle via a smartphone. To get access and drive away the driver simply has to use a smartphone with the downloaded digital key and swipe it over the NFC readers.