Sound star: the impressive EcoEdge plus

by James Wilkinson

San Diego, California-based ECOXGEAR has a range of speakers ideal for travel, camping and leisure, including the EcoEdge+, which is loaded-up with brilliant technology and some fun surprises.

The EcoEdge+ is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for daytrips and taking on overnight stays.

With integrated ECOTALK technology, users can speak directly into the speaker and access Siri or Google Voice Assistant, changing music or adjusting volume while ensuring smartphones are securely tucked away and protected from the elements.

The EcoEdge+ also features RGB party lights with four colour modes that sync with the beat of the music being played to create a disco feel while outdoors.

ECOXGEAR is a leader in rugged, portable and waterproof consumer electronics catering to the outdoor world.

Each of its innovative products support true IPX7 waterproof standards, so products like the EcoEdge+ are ideal for both indoors and the great outdoors.

The EcoEdge+ is priced from AU$149.99 and for stockists, visit