Sleep better at Shangri-La Singapore thanks to brilliant wellness offerings

by James Wilkinson

Shangri-La Singapore launched a Better Sleep Package earlier this year and it’s been a hit throughout 2023 with regulars and new guests alike.

The Better Sleep Package is designed to take guests on a two-night immersive restorative sensory journey, centred on helping them reconnect with their inner-self, improve their sleep cycles and benefit from the restorative powers of a good night’s sleep.

Shangri-La Singapore’s Better Sleep Package is an invitation for travellers to experience a holistic wellness that encompasses elements thoughtfully curated to enhance the well-being of the mind and body, as well as the nutritional well-being of guests.

To help travellers unwind and reduce sleep anxiety, one of the incorporated elements is a healing spa treatment.

Guided by the intuitive hands of therapists at Chi, The Spa, the 60-minute tension-relieving neck, shoulders and back massage draws on the art of Asian massage traditions that restore and balance the body’s energy flow or chi to bring about a meditative state of mind.

“Shangri-La’s heartfelt hospitality takes into consideration our guests’ well-being from a holistic perspective – physical, mental and nutritional,” said Shangri-La Singapore General Manager, John Rice.

“While there may not be a one-size-fits all therapy or remedy to one of the most essential aspects of our health – sleep – our Better Sleep Package endeavours to help our guests find balance, relaxation and be lulled into a getting a good night’s sleep, each time they are here with us.”

To better prepare travellers for a blissful slumber, the package has included a nutritionally sleep-friendly 3-course wellness dinner of protein and vegan-friendly dishes.

Curated by the hotel’s wellness chef, the menu features immunity-boosting and nutrient rich ingredients, and the use of sugar and salt is also reduced.

Some of the healthy dishes include the Walnut & Quinoa Salad, a nutrient-packed option that uses two superfoods – walnut, which is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids; and quinoa, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and a great source of fibre.

The Rainbow Trout with Wild Seaweed is made with pan-seared trout, wild seaweed, mesclun greens and ponzu dressing. Seaweed is rich in iodine and supports thyroid health and healthy metabolism.

The one-time dinner is served in-room for the convenience and comfort of guests to help them optimise their rest.

Sound healing through a wellness centric music playlist is yet another element that has been woven into the Sleep Better Package. The specially curated playlist is geared towards immersing guests into a deeply relaxing state, restoring the mind, body and soul.

“At Shangri-La Singapore, we understand that a perfect pillow brings you one step closer to a perfect slumber,” Rice said. “Our pillow menu offers guests a choice of styles and sizes that they may choose from, based on their personal sleep preference.

“To complement the bedtime experience, a Better Sleep Amenities Set comprising a Pillow Spray, Shower Gel and Bath Soak from This Works, is included in the latest Sleep Better Package,” he said.


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