Nespresso’s new, expertly roasted intensity 13 blend

by James Wilkinson

Nespresso has introduced a unique and powerful addition to its permanent range of coffees, ‘Ispirazione Napoli’, the first permanent coffee to offer an intensity 13.

Marrying Nespresso’s coffee expertise with the deep-rooted coffee rituals of Napoli, the new coffee has been masterfully developed using dark roasting methods, taking it to the ultimate intense degree.

Also new is Ispirazione Venezia, intensity 8, which offers rounded smoothness and caramel notes, illustrating Venice’s long history of importing the world’s coffees and expertly roasting them for the ultimate balance in aromatic profiles.

Ispirazione Napoli and Ispirazione Venezia join a selection of existing coffees to form ‘Ispirazione Italiana’. While the existing coffees remain unchanged, the names and packaging of the intense ristretto and espresso range are evolving to capture the regional Italian roasting expertise that inspired their creation.

Specially crafted, each coffee captures the roasting techniques of the inspired city, whether it’s the spicy influences in Palermo or the rich depth of history of Rome. Nespresso says Ispirazione Italiana aims to take coffee lovers on a roasting journey through Italy and discover for themselves the varying intense coffee aromas.

The new range is now available online, in boutiques or as part of the Nespresso coffee subscription where coffee lovers can receive free delivery with 50 capsules or more and 10% extra credit applied to their account each month.