Antler releases stylish, new Icon collection

by James Wilkinson

Antler has launched its latest luggage collection and once more it promises to be a must-have for travellers.

Merging timeless design with unmatched durability, the Icon Collection caters to the evolving needs and changing behaviours of modern-day travel.

Brand and product expertise come together, introducing three distinct silhouettes: the Icon Stripe suitcase, the Soft Stripe suitcase, and Discovery backpack.

As the latest instalment in Antler’s brand reimagination, the new collection celebrates 110 years of excellence, quality, and innovation in travel.

Our pick is the new Icon Stripe silhouette, which sees the launch of the biggest carry-on, a new size within the brand’s product portfolio and the official biggest cabin in the market, reaffirming Antler’s leadership in hard side luggage.

Antler’s new Icon Collection is the first to launch under the brand’s new leadership of Managing Director Kirsty Glenne, who took the reins in May 2022.

The rebrand introduced a new, elevated aesthetic and refined global brand platform for the brand.