Must have: DriveSense’s impressive Ranger Duo dash cam

by James Wilkinson

It’s no secret that dash cams are becoming increasingly popular across Australia and there are now a number of leading brands in the market, including DriveSense from Andatech.

There are three models in the DriveSense range and they all produce crisp clear video recordings, and audio if desired, including other vital information such as location, date, time and speed.

“Ensuring the video footage is protected when needed is crucial so a built-in gravity sensor detects vibrations and sudden jolting motions that alert the user to protect the recorded file if they wish so it cannot be deleted or overwritten,” Andatech says.

Andatech’s dash cam models include the DriveSense Spotter (AU$149), DriveSense Ranger (AU$249) and our pick, the DriveSense Ranger Duo (AU$299).

The DriveSense Ranger Duo has both a front and rear dash cam with GPS, a 2-inch LCD colour screen for the front windscreen and records in high resolution super HD 1080p at 30 frames per second.

The front camera offers a wide 150-degree field of view that provides an excellent view of large intersections or road crossings and up to five lanes of traffic, while its rear cam offers a wide 135-degree wide angle view.

After a quick and easy installation, the DriveSense Ranger Duo can connect directly to a smartphone for viewing and downloading files using the free DriveSense app.

It’s fantastic value for the price and the videos are great for social media and vital in the unfortunate instance of an accident.