Must have: Bose’s latest Frames a standout for audio and style

by James Wilkinson

Bose recently released three new Frames — each combining the protection and style of premium sunglasses with the functionality of premium headphones in one revolutionary wearable.

The new Frames Tempo deliver the best performance in the Frames line-up and are engineered specifically for outdoor workouts including, biking, running, and climbing.

The Frames Tenor and Soprano are for everyday use with improved style, design, and acoustics over the original.

Both feature Bose proprietary Open Ear AudioTM technology and the tiniest, thinnest, most invisible Bose speaker systems ever.

The result is a breakthrough in mobile audio: immersive sound from eyewear — not earbuds.

The new Frames Tempo, Tenor and Soprano have polarized lenses, block up to 99% of UV rays, and look, fit, and perform like the world’s most acclaimed sunglasses for outdoor sports and daily wear.

Whether you’re out competitively or casually, they provide the same situational awareness — there’s nothing in your ears or over them.

Their wafer-thin Bose systems are discreetly embedded in each arm without extra parts, visible screws, seams, or perforations.

You can’t see the electronics, and you can’t feel them either. Adding less than 50 grams of weight, the difference is imperceptible — until you turn them on.

Then, Frames transform, wirelessly connecting to your phone to stream music, take and make calls, and use your personal assistant — privately.

Using exclusive Bose technology, their sound is richer and clearer than their predecessor, but can be just as personal: With their speaker systems precisely configured and directed toward you, content and conversations are seemingly isolated in an audio bubble that you can hear, but others can’t.

Bose Frames Tempo, Tenor and Soprano are prescription-ready and available from AU$399.95