First locations of Wyndham and Sbe’s new Project HQ Hotels revealed as brand takes off

by James Wilkinson

The first two properties in the Project HQ Hotels and Residences and portfolio, the collaboration between Sbe founder and CEO, Sam Nazarian, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, have been announced at this week’s (3 Jun) NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference in New York.

Nazarian and Wyndham revealed the first hotels in HQ’s brand portfolio will be based in Montreux, Switzerland and Detroit, Michigan and initial renders show some striking properties are on the way.

Building on nearly two decades of expertise in the smart lifestyle sector, Project HQ is set to become a leader in the hospitality industry through its focus on innovation, sophistication, and a unique blend of cultural and smart lifestyle elements, the companies said, adding the vision is to create desirable destinations that cater to the evolving needs of modern travelers who seek memorable experiences and connectivity.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest from owners looking to enter the smart lifestyle category created by Sam Nazarian’s sbe,” said Wyndham Hotels and Resorts President and CEO, Geoff Ballotti.

“These initial projects in Montreux and Detroit set the stage for a brand that will benefit from sbe’s legendary lifestyle experience and Wyndham’s unmatched scale and resources, creating a turn-key solution unlike anything in the market today.”

Designed for savvy travelers, Project HQ has strategic investment from entertainment icon and entrepreneur, Marc Anthony and his company Magnus which will also allow the brand to connect with the most sought-after audiences such as Millennials, Gen-Z and Latin communities.

Nazarian said this partnership with Marc Anthony “will not only strengthen but also solidify sbe’s position as the leading luxury and lifestyle hospitality platform in the world, amplifying its well-established restaurant and entertainment portfolio, Disruptive Restaurant Group, and the largest premium QSR brand and digital food company, Everybody Eats”.

“In the 22 years since establishing sbe, we have always been looking around the corner and understanding the ever-changing landscape of consumers – the tidal wave of consumers coming into the marketplace from the Millennial, Gen Z and Latino audience is staggering,” he said.

“They’re eager to partake in communal celebrations, create new memories, and relish moments of wonder and we are creating the spaces to do just that.

“Having established our first locations in Montreux and Detroit, we’re steadfast in our commitment to meeting the evolving desires of upcoming generations.

“This marks the genesis of Project HQ, and we eagerly anticipate unveiling more exciting initiatives in the months ahead, alongside Geoff Ballotti and his tremendous Wyndham team.

“With our sights set on the future, we aim to build tremendous momentum as we continue to innovate and inspire.”