Wayfarer review: Bellroy’s durable Flight Bag is a carry-on winner

by James Wilkinson

When it comes to carry-ons, most travellers go straight for the wheely bag, but the clever team at Bellroy have come up with a product that offers the same practicality with added convenience, the Flight Bag.

Bellroy’s Flight Bag, which is made from recycled dura nylon, has a unique clamshell design that has full zip-around access, with a durable YKK zipper, that lets you open the bag flat like a suitcase, for easy packability.

It has multiple modes, so it can be carried four ways: held like a briefcase, worn as a backpack, on your shoulder as a messenger bag or slipped over your suitcase handle.

You’ll find two external zip pockets that help separate work items from travel gear, workout wear and toiletries, so you won’t be caught again in a meeting rummaging through clothing at awkward moments.

“We designed a workhorse travel bag that projects control, capability and confidence,” Bellroy’s design team says.

“It lets you go straight from the airport to a meeting, without missing a beat.

“It’s a professional travel carry-on that lets you move seamlessly from the arrivals gate to the office boardroom.”

There’s also extra practicality in the Flight Bag’s flexible, but durable, softshell design, meaning you can squish it to fit into overhead storage on an aircraft.

The Bellroy Flight Bag is available in three colours – black, charcoal and marine blue – and is priced from AU$499.