Video: Monkey’s Shoulder’s epic Melbourne challenge

by James Wilkinson

Popular whiskey Monkey Shoulder held a cocktail competition recently to crown Australia’s Fastest Cocktail Mixer at Welcome to Thornbury for World Cocktail Day.

The competition was won by Anthony Edge, a photographer from Melbourne and a hobby-mixologist, and to find out what it was all about, Wayfarer caught up with Lucille Rose, a spokesperson for Monkey Shoulder spokesperson and one of the contestants.

Why did Monkey Shoulder decide to host this epic battle on World Cocktail Day?

At Monkey Shoulder, we really love to shake things up, experiment and play with our whisky. We thought what better way to showcase our dedication for mixing, than to attempt to steal the record of swiftest cocktail mixer from the Americans? We had to give it a go!

How did the night go?

Yeah, it was awesome. We had great support from the crowd that came to watch the event at Welcome to Thornbury (whilst maintaining COVID safe distancing and protocols). We searched high and low for Melbourne’s swiftest bartenders in order to compete – I even had a go! And since so many people spent 2020 learning new skills, we invited an at home mixologist down to compete – he’d learnt how to mix drinks during lockdown last year! We didn’t quite beat the world record of 18 cocktails in under 60 secs, but then that’s why we designed our Monkey Shoulder Mobile Mixer Truck which is capable of holding up to 50,000 cocktails and ready to serve them at festivals and events around the country! Our at home bartender ended up doing the best, with 10 cocktails made. Myself and another bartender came in close second at 9 and half!

How does it feel to be one of Australia’s fastest cocktail mixers?

Yeah, it feels great! I’m glad I gave it a go and did team Monkey Shoulder proud. I’m even more determined to take the crown next year, I’ll have to keep practicing!

What is a cocktail people can make at home?

I’d recommend a Monkey Shoulder Old Fashioned, it’s one of my favourites. It tastes great, and really highlights just how well Monkey Shoulder is made for mixing. Its super simple and you can find the recipe on our website – all you need is Monkey Shoulder Whisky, sugar and bitters – delicious!