Video: EPOS unleashes brilliant range of crystal-clear headphones

by James Wilkinson

EPOS, the new global premium Danish audio brand designed for business professionals, has launched into the Australasian market with a brilliant range of headphones that are making voice and video calls clearer than ever before.

The company is building on the legacy of Sennheiser Communications – the former joint venture between Sennheiser and Demant – and pushing the EPOS brand into new markets with leading and advanced technologies.

“As the new premium audio brand on the market – and part of the Demant Group building on 115 years’ experience in innovation and sound – EPOS fuses pioneering audio technology with a clean and sophisticated design to develop high-end solutions that enables professionals to focus seamlessly on their task at hand and perform at their best,” the company says.

Seamless is an understatement, because what EPOS has created are headphones that have crystal clear sound and brilliant speech clarity, while also being comforatable, enabling business professionals to be on calls for hours on end.

“EPOS strives to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experience and delivering innovative designs and performance,” the company says.

“With the ambition to stay forefront of what is technically possible, EPOS transforms ideas and new possibilities into better audio solutions by engineering every single detail – all while never compromising on user-experience and ease.

“Crafted with high-quality materials that are built to last, the new audio brand makes products for those who insist on excellence from their audio devices by providing the perfect balance between excellent audio and superior comfort.

“The real magic happens when users experience the purity of sound, the clarity of speech and the difference they truly make to anything the user sets out to achieve.”


The company divides its technologies into three subcategories: EPOS AI, EPOS Sound and EPOS Voice, which span the range of Artificial Intelligence to Sound Experience and
Microphone Performance.

EPOS says it is in constant search for new opportunities to further explore the power of audio.

“With our user in mind, we implemented Edge AI,” the company says. “A machine learning system embedded in the device that processes data and takes decisions independently, therefore, giving the device the ability, to automatically adapt to your hearing and voice while studying your environment.

“This technology within EPOS AI will then successfully limit your exposure to excessive sounds and, thus, relieve your auditory system to focus on what matters most.

When it comes to EPOS Sound, the company says it makes the most out of the premium audio device by delivering a natural listening experience.

“Through continuous monitoring of ambient sound and varying noise levels, our technology helps you to concentrate while taking care of your hearing: creating an augmented and immersive audio experience that sounds as if you are speaking to someone face-to-face or are right there in the same environment,” EPOS says. “For more focus, block out
background noise with ease and enjoy the benefits of EPOS Sound – while watching your performance and energy levels rise.”

Then there’s EPOS Voice, which “improves your speech intelligibility and provides for a better conversation by creating an acoustical lens to focus on your speech”.

“Through removing remaining noise disturbances, it ensures a more natural reproduction of the human voice,” EPOS says. “EPOS Voice, furthermore, recognizes your environment in order to eliminate unpleasant background noise to clarify your sound picture. With optimal control of noise levels, this technology allows for an effortless use of your digital voice assistants anytime, anywhere.”


Our pick of the range is the Adapt 360, which help reduce background noise, provide stunning voice clarity thanks to two built-in microphones, have ergonomic ear pads for extra comfort, offer 46 hours of battery life and instantly connect to Microsoft Teams.

Ideal for business calls or relaxing inflight, they are available in black and white, they are stylish, sleek, fold away easily and are priced from AU$399.