Swiss master: the Victorinox Journey 1884 watch is a durable, stylish standout

by James Wilkinson

The new Victorinox Journey 1884 watch has been creating worldwide acclaim in recent months, thanks to its style, durability, customisation and environmental sustainability.

The Victorinox Journey 1884 pays tribute to its inspiration – imagine hiking on a spectacular ridge in the Swiss alps, following the path, lost in thoughts, enjoying the calmness and the breathtaking views whilst deeply inhaling the fresh mountain air – with a hand design replicating the Swiss hiking signs, a dial featuring the rough texture of a natural hiking path and a practical and sporty rubber strap.

The Swiss Army Knife, a standard item on hikes, is evoked in the counterweight of the second hand.

In addition, the case features strong shapes and curves and the notch at 6 o’clock on the bezel looks as if it has been carved out by a sharp pocketknife.

The industrial roots of the brand are reflected in the finish of the case, in the engraved material code, and the founding year 1884 is proudly presented on the bezel.

ISO-certified for shock and water resistance, each watch gives the owner maximum freedom during any activity, whether they are wearing the more sporty quartz or the more sophisticated automatic version.

The latter takes its inspiration from urban adventures and city travel. It offers a prominent highly tridimensional architectural dial paired with an elegant ceramic bezel echoing modern city skylines.

And because even urban explorers long for the real outdoors, the automatic version features the colour yellow as seen on Swiss hiking signs and the rough-textured centre part of the dial as a nod to the collection’s hiking roots.

To be well prepared for just about any situation as well as to match any outfit, all the new Victorinox watches offer a wide selection of straps.

Thanks to an innovative system, the straps can be easily changed without the need for tools in only a few seconds.

Every watch can therefore be personalized and perfectly matched to the outfit or activity of the day with straps made of paracord, rubber, leather, wood and more.

Furthermore, the watches of the new collections go hand in hand with the well-known brand heritage and the promise of high quality and functionality.

Victorinox is proud to say that its watches are designed, developed, tested, and manufactured by Victorinox in its own factory, the Watch Competence Center in Delémont, Switzerland.

This makes the brand unique and over the next years, Victorinox will pursue this integration further with the upcoming lines.

‘Swiss Made’ is therefore more than just a sign of quality – it is Victorinox’s promise to never stop improving – and a 5-year warranty is further testimony to the high-quality approach of the brand.

Being connected with and getting inspired by nature means also taking on responsibility. Victorinox watch parts made of stainless steel 316L use a minimum of 50 per cent up to 90 per cent of recycled steel.

Other recycled materials (like brass, PET and more) are used in the production process whenever possible.

On top of that, the equivalent of 20 per cent of the required electricity in the Victorinox watch manufacturing facility in Delémont is produced from solar panels located on the roof.

Furthermore, thanks to closed-loop cooling systems, the waste heat from production facilities is fed into the heat pumps for the heating and water heating systems.

The new Victorinox Journey 1884 can be purchased from the Victorinox website.