Supermodel Fabio launches men’s product collection

by James Wilkinson

Australian entrepreneurs Liam Robinson and Daniel Phillips have partnered up with supermodel Fabio Lanzoni to launch a men’s product collection called Aston James.

The Aston James brand features a collection of men’s hair and personal care products and made its debut just prior to Christmas.

When the founders reached out to Fabio – best known as an Italian-American actor, model and romance novelist – about being involved, he said he jumped at the opportunity.

“These two young Aussies came over and pitched me an idea that I loved, and the end product was something so beautiful I couldn’t not get involved,” he said.

“Being a perfectionist, this project was two years in the making. We wanted nothing but the best ingredients and extracts and the products had to look flawless. Plus, I love the people of Australia so we are excited to launch the roll out here.

“A lot of time, passion and energy went into this project. The concept was great and the guys on the project worked hard to get this launched and I can’t wait for the people of Australia to get their hands on these products,” Fabio said.

Liam and Daniel said the design is alluringly cool, dressed in jet black and would comfortably sit among a bevy of luxury items.

“We know that men are spending more than ever on skincare products – 34% of male millennials every six months,” the founders said.

“This prompted us to research what was important to men and subsequently create something that was desirable in look and function.

“All the ingredients have been considered and took a long time to develop, to ensure they complement every skin type.

“Fabio will continue to work with us as our spokesperson and collaborator for a creation that the three of us have worked hard on,” Liam and Dan said.

The Aston James collection is now available on their website.