Wayfarer review: Style-up your office with the dbramante1928 desk mat and mouse pad

by James Wilkinson

Denmark’s brilliant and stylish brand dbramante1928, a climate positive company founded in 2011, is well-known across the globe for its high-quality products that look great and help the environment.

dbramante1928 has fantastic collections of handcrafted, sustainably sourced full-grain leather and recycled plastic bags, cases, sleeves and watch straps that protect your devices and the planet in style.

“Whether it’s improving our eco-footprint, providing the best environment and working conditions for our employees or working on eco-initiatives with our partners, we are 100% committed to an eco-friendlier future for us all,” the company says.

One of Wayfarer’s favourite ranges in the latest collection is the Desk Mat and Mouse Pad, which give your workspace a completely new look and feel.

The Desk Mats and Mouse Pads are handcrafted from one continuous piece of up-cycled full-grain leather in the dbramante1928 100% CO2-neutral factory in Kolkata, India.

The underside is backed with a layer of anti-slip suede leather providing excellent protection for your desk and an extra cushioning for your devices and writing materials.

You can also roll them up and out without any damage and their edges are hand-painted, brushed and burnished to combat wear and tear.

The company says they will “age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina with usage” and we can’t wait to see how they look in a few months’ time.