Rosewood’s new lifestyle brand Khos continues solid growth

by James Wilkinson

Khos, the newest concept from international hospitality leader Rosewood Hotel Group, is continuing to evolve the brand since it was first unveiled in late 2017.

Rosewood Hotel Group CEO, Sonia Cheng, says Khos is crafted to embrace today’s modern lifestyle, reinventing the traditional idea of the business hotel.

She says Khos is designed specifically for a new generation of travellers for whom the conventional boundaries of work and play no longer exist.

Currently operating a hotel and a resort at two strategic locations in China, with additional properties opening in the near future; the brand’s philosophy is underpinned by a distinct lifestyle orientation inspired by the energy, art, creativity, style and dynamism of the modern day, according to Cheng.

“We created Khos to cater to the needs of this new generation of travellers: people who are constantly on the move and crave places to stay that understand, mirror and support their dynamic lifestyle,” she says.

“Our concept reflects the new priorities and preferences of this community and keeps pace with the continuing rapid evolution of digitalisation, while simultaneously pioneering new and safe ways of working.”

Derived from the Mongolian word meaning “pair”, Cheng says Khos was inspired to encourage collaboration amongst creators, with properties encompassing exceptional ergonomic environments designed to inspire a global class of change-makers.

Whether entrepreneurs exchanging ideas, business teams building common ground, or couples, families and friends strengthening their emotional ties through shared experiences, she says Khos invites local residents and international travellers alike to come together to explore, innovate and recharge against a backdrop of vibrant cultures and communities.

To this end, the concept’s unique combination of benefits and functions serve as a convergence of the best aspects of business hotels, lifestyle hotels, social clubs and communal workspaces, amounting to an ecosystem of services perfectly tailored for modernists in today’s lifestyle as they switch effortlessly between work and play.

“Khos is being extremely well received by our target market, and as we grow, we will continue to evolve the concept based on our guests’ needs and feedback,” she says.

“We believe that the Khos brand perfectly fits into the Rosewood Hotel Group portfolio and is truly reflective of our track record in producing exceptional experiences supported by cutting-edge design.

“We look forward to welcoming guests to all of our properties and to providing them with fresh opportunities to explore not just our dynamic destinations, but also the boundaries of their own ideas and innovations.”