Must have: Belkin’s 13-inch Macbook screen protector

by James Wilkinson

With working away from the office now more common than ever before, it’s essential that your laptop has effective privacy protection.

A must-have is the Belkin 13-inch TruePrivacy Screen Protector, which is an easily removable and reusable privacy protection for MacBooks.

The TruePrivacy Screen Protector is perfect for corporate travel, open office settings, students, financial institutions, health care providers, or government agencies.

Belkin’s 13-inch TruePrivacy Screen Protector is a must have for travellers

It allows users to fortify private information with full-screen, ultra-thin protection that’s easy to remove, wash and reuse. It also features a TruePrivacy Panel for easy storage when protector is not in use, and contains anti-glare technology for best viewing experience.

The TruePrivacy Screen Protector is priced from AU$84.95 and is available from Apple.