Meet Whoop, the brilliant fitness tracker and health monitor

by James Wilkinson

Professional athletes and novices alike are raving about Whoop, a 24/7 fitness tracker and health monitor that provides personalised and actionable feedback.

Whoop tracks key metrics like heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep staging with unparalleled, industry-leading accuracy.

The product is already worn by a host of elite names in world sport, including golf star Rory McIlroy, NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and tennis great Andy Murray, but is also suited for levels from the elite through to everyday athletes.

Its accuracy is such that Whoop is already used in Australian research initiatives into human health and performance, in partnership with leading academics from institutions including University of Queensland and CQU.

Effectively Whoop is a tool that allows individuals to unlock their greatest potential — performing at their highest level.

The evolved individual understands that the body is not a constant — it’s constantly evolving. Whoop provides information for maintaining the careful balance between recovery, strain, and sleep.

It is an essential tool for people who understand that performance and wellness are two sides of the same coin.

The company says Whoop members show significant behavioural changes after they have been wearing the product for as little as one month.

According to Whoop, some of the most common effects are longer sleep duration (an average of 41 minutes), better sleep quality (i.e. more REM and Slow Wave Sleep), more frequent exercise sessions per month, and a reduction in injuries that occur from overexertion and under-recovered system.

“Through gentle nudges in the Whoop mobile app urging you to sleep more or take on more Strain, we have seen Whoop members dramatically improve their habits and, therefore, their health,” the company says.

As soon as wearing Whoop for just a couple of weeks, you’ll quickly learn how your body has changed during that time.

After 14 days on Whoop, you’ll unlock the Weekly Performance Assessment (Weekly P.A.) which analyses your performance over a single week.

Then, after 28 days, you will gain access to the Monthly Performance Assessment which will illustrate your data trends over the previous month or months you’ve been on Whoop.

Here is a brilliant fitness tracker and health monitor that once you put on, it is something you won’t want to take off.