Jetstar to link the Gold Coast and Seoul from December 2019

by James Wilkinson

Jetstar is set to fly between the Gold Coast, Australia and Seoul, South Korea, in what is the first and only low fares direct service linking the two countries.

Taking off in December 2019, Jetstar, will become the only low-cost carrier to fly direct to Seoul from Australia, with flights on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner operating from the Gold Coast three times per week from December 8, 2019.

Jetstar Group CEO Gareth Evans said South Korea had the potential to quickly become one of the most popular Asian destinations for Australian travellers.

“By introducing low fares to Seoul, we expect that South Korea will be a country that jumps to the top of many Australian traveller’s bucket lists,” Evans said.

“Seoul and its surrounding regions offer visitors the opportunity to explore South Korea’s rich cultural history, vibrant nightlife and food scene.

“We know from experience that low cost flights have a strong influence on setting tourism trends, which we’ve seen in markets like Japan where the number of Australian visitors has doubled since we first launched flights in 2007.”

Evans said it’s expected that demand for inbound flights to Australia from South Korea will also be strong.

“Research shows that South Korean travellers consistently rank Australia as the top destination they want to visit, but they were unlikely to travel without low-cost direct flights.

“South Koreans already travel more frequently than any other nationality in the Asia Pacific, so there’s no doubt they will take advantage of these new direct flights to Australia.

“The Gold Coast offers the perfect gateway for tourists visiting Australia with its famous beaches and attractions, and direct Jetstar flights connecting to seven other destinations across the country.”