Hot tech: power-up wirelessly with HPM

by James Wilkinson

Tech company HPM has a range of brilliant wireless chargers that are ideal for the home, office and on the road.

Leading the way is the slick and sophisticated HPM Wireless Charging Pad (AU$34.98). Super lightweight and durable, this brilliant wireless charger slips perfectly into your handbag, weekend duffle bag or suitcase ready for you to plug into a power source and power up your mobile device.

Another top offering is HPM’s new USB & Wireless Charging Hub (AU$87) that allows up to six devices to charge simultaneously.

This inclusive device automatically detects power required to charge each device quickly, safely and equally meaning all phones and iPads connected will charge at a similar pace for the entire family to unplug and seize the day at the same time.

Both charging solutions also include over current protection, circuit protection and over temperature protection to keep the littlest of family members safe.