Hot coffee: Nespresso’s latest Master Origins range hits the mark

by James Wilkinson

Nespresso has released its latest Master Origins range, which showcases some of the best producers in Sumatra, Costa Rica and Ethiopia

The new single origin coffees celebrate some of the world’s most vibrant landscapes, sustainable farming practices and the unique craftsmanship of local farmers, resulting in a highly aromatic cup of quality coffee.

Complementing the existing range, the three new single origins, launched in late August, include one limited edition coffee for the Original and Vertuo system; Master Origins Aged Sumatra, produced through a rare ageing technique in northern Sumatra for three years, resulting in a captivating single origin.

In addition, Master Origins Costa Rica, and Master Origins Ethiopia will also be available permanently in the Vertuo range.

Through working closely with local farmers in coffee regions across the world, Nespresso has developed distinctive aromatics for the Master Origins range which are not only linked to the countries of origin, but also to native processing techniques originating from local farms.

Nespresso and their partners work with local farmers to adopt sustainable farming techniques that equip them to harness their skills and knowledge, to bring the best out of every coffee bean. The localised processing methods, traditional to the region and tailored specifically to the bean, allow for a unique and high-quality single origin to be created.

A recent Nespresso study found that for Australian consumers, sustainable farming practices really resonate, with 45% of respondents saying that looking after farmers is an important consideration when picking a coffee brand.

“At Nespresso, our close work with coffee farmers has resulted in direct benefits that span from their families and local communities, through to the consistently high-quality coffee that we produce for our Members and Australian coffee lovers,” said Nespresso Oceania Business Executive Office, Jean-Marc Dragoli.

This commitment to farmers and their craft means that they can produce their beans using traditional methods in a way that is sustainable for the long term, something we are extremely proud of. Our Master Origins are an opportunity for the local knowledge of our farmers to shine through and create the ultimate cup of quality coffee,” he said.


The low-down on the latest capsules: created with local farmers, embracing their unique craftsmanship.

Limited Edition Master Origins Aged Sumatra

As one of the first places in the world known for growing coffee on a large scale, Sumatra in Indonesia is renowned for quality coffee beans that offer a unique combination of body, depth and flavour.

In the Aceh province of the island of Sumatra, groups of skilful coffee farmers devote their expertise to the unusual process of giling basah: removing the coffee cherry flesh and parchment while the bean inside is still wet, letting it breathe and dry more easily. Over the next three years, the stored beans are left to moisten and dry with nature’s rhythms. These craftspeople take great care to continuously re-bag the coffee beans to ensure even ageing.

This unique method develops a distinctive coffee profile, resulting in a spicy woody taste with a velvety feel, with complex notes of cocoa and sweet caramel also present throughout.

Master Origins Costa Rica

In the depths of Costa Rica, coffee farmers come together in a central mill to soak their coffee beans in hot spring waters. The pulped coffee beans then rest into a fermentation tank where the water cools and thoroughly washes the beans, creating a balanced and clean taste.

Coffee connoisseurs can expect a malty sweet cereal character of this craftsmen’s coffee.

Master Origins Ethiopia

Farmers in Western Ethiopia use the ‘dry method’ of coffee processing, where coffee cherries are carefully picked and spread on top of suspended beds under the intense tropical sun. The cherries are then hand-turned continually for up to four weeks to ensure the produce is dried evenly, creating a rich unique taste that can only be found in this region. This method has been used by Ethiopian famers longer than anyone else.

Coffee lovers can expect to sip on heady florals with a gentle hint of musk.

The Master Origins range also features single origin coffees from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, India, and Nicaragua for Original Line, as well as Colombia and Mexico for Vertuo Line.


The Master Origins range continues to showcase Nespresso’s ongoing commitment to sustainable practices, following the recent release of Nespresso’s most sustainable machine range yet – the Vertuo Next – earlier this month.

“We now have machines made with 54% recycled plastics, our three factories in Switzerland are supplied by 100% renewable electricity, and our aluminium capsules can be recycled at more than 19,000 collection points around Australia,” Dragoli said.

The Nespresso Master Origins range is available online and at Nespresso boutiques.