American to launch ‘basic economy’ tickets on Europe flights

by James Wilkinson

American is set to introduce its popular domestic Basic Economy product on some trans-Atlantic flights from April.

American says it is about “giving customers a new option for our lowest fares” and they are making the addition together with their Atlantic Joint Business partners British Airways, Iberia and Finnair.

“We’re following the same playbook in this latest expansion as we did for the initial rollout of Basic Economy,” American says. “That includes training that began this week for Airports and Reservations team members and making it available in a limited number of markets first to make sure we get it right.”

In general, American says, most options and restrictions for trans-Atlantic Basic Economy “are similar to those for domestic Basic Economy or for short-haul international Basic Economy such as flights to Canada, although there are a few differences”.

A key element of the heavily discounted fare is a carry-on allowance only (one personal item and one larger carry-on) and a fee will apply to checked luggage. Basic economy passengers will also board last and can pay to select their seat.